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Kidnap & Ransom

Due to globalisation, the world is a much smaller place and the fast growth of many developing nations in South America, Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe has lead to a huge increase in the amount of both business and leisure travel to all corners of the globe often in high risk areas.

Kidnap insurance provides cover for a potential ransom payout but it also pays for the costs of highly trained professional negotiators, who aim to resolve the situation in a fast and safe way.

Insurance clients include high net worth business men, politicians, celebrities or engineers/contractors working in high risk remote areas.

Prospect can tailor the product to fit your needs:

  • Group or Individual products
  • Global cover
  • Annual or short term policies
  • Full Ransom cover or;
  • Crisis Management / Emergency Assistance cover only – Negotiators, full professional assistance throughout the event and evacuation
  • Extortion and Products extortion cover available


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