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Marine Crew Cover

This exciting new area caters for the ramifications of Maritime Labour Convention 2006, which comes into force in August 2013.

The Maritime Labour Convention deals with a ship owner’s responsibilities and liability for the economic consequences of sickness injury or death suffered by seafarers during their engagement.

The regulations state that ship owners should:

  1. Provide coverage for the cost of seafarer’s sickness or injury during their engagement until the date at which they are duly repatriated.
  2. Provide compensation in the event of death or long term disability caused by an occupational injury, illness or hazard.
  3. Defray expenses of medical care until the seafarer has recovered or sickness or incapacity becomes permanent.
  4. Provide cover for repatriation.
  5. Pay wages in whole or part where sickness or injury results in a seafarer’s incapacity to work.


Prospect are working with Kestrel Insurance, based on the Isle of Man, on this scheme and have developed a bespoke product with a leading London market to provide a simple solution to ship owners’ needs. Enquiries for UK domiciled businesses should be directed to Kestrel on 01624 671001.

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