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UK Residential Property

We have extensive experience in arranging binding authorities for residential property; both Landlords and Homeowners.

Our particular interest is in property with a perceived flood exposure, we are now a leading broker in the provision of home insurance for properties exposed to flooding. Few Underwriters truly assess property’s true flood exposure, often relying instead on basic postcode data from outdated sources. Prospect work with retail brokers who understand their local area and have far greater knowledge of where the flood exposure, if any is located. This means customers get fairer and far more competitive terms. Prospect regularly speak to the National Flood Forum and DEFRA and work closely with brokers in areas of the country which face difficulties in obtaining home insurance.

Our schemes can cover DSS, Unoccupied, Properties undergoing renovation, Students, Holiday Home, Thatched, Asylum Seekers and Bedsits as well as the standard classes and we obtain highly competitive rates.

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